So far in the role play, we’ve met a few characters. I’ll list them first, then enter a quick update on what everybody’s been doing to stay busy.

Gideon Boots
@_MasterOfRings  If there is a better place to see the world than a circus tent, I’ve yet to find it.
Giddeon is the master of the circus, but he keeps primarily to himself, outside of making sure the wheels turn smoothly.

Lillian Merrit

@_MissTrixie The world has so slipped, that a whore of the past could comfortably dine with nobility today. Sometimes singer and the Magician’s Assistant.

The lady of the Cirque des Âmes Peine, Lillian is a reflection of days past, spending most of her time with the Shield twins or her lady’s maid.

Walter Shields
@JugglerTwin Older by a minute, and always ahead. You can find my twin and I in the ring juggling knives. The final act is to die for.
The elder Shield brother is more old-fashioned than his brother and has been courting his ‘Miss Lillian’ for years, but suddenly his brother is the forerunner for her attention.
Warren Shields
@TwinJuggler  Younger by a minute, and still catching up. You can find my twin and I in the ring juggling knives. The final act is to die for.

The younger Shield brother is more modern-seeming and fiery-tempered. He’s wanted Lillian as long as his brother has, and may have caught her, if he can keep his brother at bay.

John Webber

@BloodSweatTents Tent crew guy. Some of us are actually here to work. …Just kidding, I love you guys, nobody put ants in my bed again come on.

Easily the most outgoing member of the group so far, John visited Chen and had dinner with Atlantis and Buster, but who knows what went on behind closed doors.
Buster Obadiah Boone

@MasterTentMan Call me Buster or Boonie. I don’t talk much, but I’m real friendly. When the tent goes up and you get to work? You’re welcome.

Buster is gruff on the outside, but he doesn’t seem to get many complaints about that. Or closed doors, for that matter.

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